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AdUnity launches Out-Stream Video Ad Format

AdUnity launches Out-Stream Video Ad Format

AdUnity now offers the Out-Stream Video ad format. The format is available on the AdUnity SSP and exchange on both mobile and PC.

Video has a deserved reputation for being a powerful advertising medium due to its ability to tap into the emotions. For decades video/TV has been one of the preferred formats for brand advertising and for this reason has attracted premium prices. Traditionally video ad formats have only been available to broadcasters or publishers with access to video content. Outstream video is the first video format available to publishers that have none of their own video content. The Out-Stream video format brings into the heart of editorial.

Desktop preview


AdUnity’s Out-Stream format is responsive to device screen size. When the format is launched it is mute by default. A single user tap initiates sound and expands the video to full-screen.  Most importantly, our Out-Stream format is viewable by design as it requires the page area to be fully loaded and more than 50% in view before it is activated, as soon as the site visitor scrolls past the video pauses.

Mobile preview


Publishers using the AdUnity exchange (AUX) wishing to use Out-Stream Video will find it has been added as an option under Zones, in the Media Spaces section of the Settings page.




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