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Learn about Cross-Industry Standards for Privacy on International Privacy and Data Protection Day

As part of our mission to get the advertising industry ready for GDPR AdUnity is pleased to announce that we are supporting the Kantara Initiative International Privacy Summit at IBM South Bank, London on the 29th January. The event is to mark International Privacy and Data Protection Day.

The event is focused on the use of common standards for privacy and identity management across different industry sectors. Choosing the right standards is a key strategic choice and can build competitive advantage, avoid costly vendor lock-in and regulatory risk. The problem is that most business leaders in advertising and marketing have never heard of standards for privacy for privacy and identity management, despite the fact that they have existed in other industries for years!

Why Are Privacy and Identity Management Standards So Important?

The Kantara consortium (members include some of the world’s largest data controllers and processors, e.g. Experian, Deutsche Telekom, Computer Associates, etc) is a leader in creating open standards to be used across industry sectors. Standards for privacy and identity management are vital for interoperability and for privacy by design to work at scale. Common standards enable scalability and enhance interoperability within and across organisations and sectors. Standards can also form a solid foundation for internal governance arrangements or industry-wide codes of conduct. Implementation of codes of conduct allows businesses to demonstrate compliance with GDPR. A lack of standards inevitably means vendor lock-in, disjointed user experience and increased regulatory risk.

A consistent use of standards also supports better public understanding of how personal information is being used. This understanding, in turn, facilitates the individual’s to use their rights over their personal information in an informed and constructive way. Organisations using standards are better trusted by individuals and benefit from reduced friction in acquiring consent to use personal data where requested.

Why is This Event So Important?

It is very, very rare to have so many data privacy, data standards and data-driven marketing experts in the same room discussing the practical benefits and opportunities offered by standards. Chris Combemale, CEO of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and Chris Disspain, of ICANN are speaking. As is Tim McGraw of the British Standards Institute, Robin Wilton, of the Internet Society, and internationally respected data privacy and governance expert Bojana Bellamy, President at Centre for Information Policy Leadership (CIPL).

The Kantara International Privacy Summit provides the business-focused insight needed at the board level to navigate the issues where standards for privacy and identity management can help exploit business opportunities and mitigate the business risks of GDPR.

In addition, delegates can meet and network with the privacy experts who have been involved in drafting the laws, policies and standards that are now being implemented in businesses across Europe. These experts will debate the most important issues so delegates can determine how to best safeguard their brands and businesses.

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Delegate rate: £950.00 plus VAT (£1187.22 inclusive)

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About Kantara Initiative International Privacy Summit
The Kantara Initiative International Privacy Summit is brought to you by an exclusive team of privacy specialists and senior business strategists from Kantara Initiative, Open Consent, The Trust Bridge and AdUnity. At the summit, delegates will engage in mutually beneficial dialogue with each other and our privacy regulation and privacy standards experts.

Date: 29th January 2018
Time: 08:30 – 17:00
Address: IBM Client Centre, South Bank, London, SE1
For more information contact:


About AdUnity
ADUNITY is an ethical ad technology company based in the UK with offices in both London and Bucharest. We deliver trust, transparency and advanced technology in the programmatic ecosystem. AdUnity provides GDPR ready media buying and selling solutions and transparent trading platforms for publishers (no black boxes) and does not operate an arbitrage model; just a flat revenue share. We comply with the latest programmatic standards (OpenRTB 2.4) and format standards (HTML5, VAST 2.0, VPAID 2.0, MRAID 1.0, Native Ads API 1.1).


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